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Frequently Asked questions

What time should I arrive?  Check-in for triathlon opens at 6:00am and will remain open until 8:30am. We give out lane assignments on a first come first serve basis at check-in. In order to maintain smooth swimming environment and allow similar speed swimmers to swim together we will have 4 lane speeds. (Under 15mins, 15-19 mins, 20-29mins and 30+)  Since our pool has 6 lanes and 4 participants will be circle swimming in each lane the first 24 participants at check-in will start the triathlon at 7:00am. Once a participant has completed the swim leg another participant take their place in the pool and begin the triathlon. All participants will be finished the swim leg of the triathlon by 8:45am.

Where should I park for the Triathlon?  Please park in one of the highlighted parking lots on the parking map. We have permission for our participant to use either Seven School, Cypress Creek Park or The Severna Park Village Center’s parking lot. We will have a loading area marked of at the pool for participants to unload/load their equipment.

What portions of the triathlon count towards my overall time?    In keeping with Emily’s enthusiasm for “the time she had” rather than her “swim times,” we encourage everyone to enjoy their experience of a recreational triathlon. The final time does include the swim time, run time, and the transition times for the swim to the bike and the bike to the run.  The time for the bike leg will not be included in anyone’s overall final time. Times will not be posted for the bike ride because no one is permitted to exceed the speed limit of 15 mph, and participants will not receive an advantage or disadvantage by the bike ride.

Will there be lap counters?   Lap counters will not be provided but participants are encouraged to use pennies to count each lap or have another person count for them.